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Tiny Tigers

AGES 3-5


       Your children's body and mind undergo the most development in the first five years of their life. So, choosing the right activities for your children during this time period is very important because it will influence how your child socializes and solves problems in the rest of their lives. Martial arts has been one of greatest activities recommended by parents and educators because it helps develop prowess in these key areas.

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       Your child will learn self-control, respect, focus, discipline and more all while having fun. Martial arts classes is a great way for your child to develop confidence, high self-esteem, and learn how to reach their goals. Parents who bring their children to our school see on a daily basis how the programs positively impact their children's lives. We are please to say that many parents tell us that bringing their children to our school has helped them develop into responsible, respectful, and kind children. We cordially invite you to stop by and observe a class, or even better, come down and have your son or daughter take part in a free lesson and experience the program so you can make your conclusions and have your child experience the start of a life long education that will impact them in the most beneficial way. 

       Our Tiny Tiger program teaches basic to intermediate Taekwondo skills to our students and it's goal is to prepare these young children to eventually join our junior class where they will continue to advance their skills to achieve Black Belt level. Many of our current Black Belts started their Taekwondo journey in our Tiny Tigers class and they have become not only excellent martial artists but also community leaders.

       Our Tiny Tiger classes are taught in 30-minute sessions, which is geared for the smaller aged children who are not quite ready to handle the regular 45 minute class, but are ready to begin learning the basics of Tae Kwon Do. The children will use Tae Kwon Do techniques to develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Tiny Tigers run, jump, kick, and have a great time all while improving focus and discipline. Classes are also designed to help Tiny Tigers develop social skills as they practice in a group, cooperate with a partner, and learn to focus on a teacher and follow verbal directions. Tiny Tiger classes will help to prepare your child for greater success at home, school, and in other team sports.

       Our instructors are friendly, encouraging, and have lots of experience with children. We use a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure individual attention with learning both fundamental skills and social skills. Our philosophy is to help children develop self-confidence through encouragement and praise, while motivating them to try new activities. Each technique is taught in a step-by-step manner in a language that younger children can understand. We use a variety of different drills, training tools, and teaching methods to keep classes varied and fun.

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