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AGES 13+


Most adult martial arts students start with no previous experience and are seeking a variety of benefits such as exercise, stress relief, self-defense, and personal development. Our Teen & Adult program offers a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self-defense and overall self-improvement. Our instructors are certified and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. You will also be surrounded by great classmates who will encourage and motivate you while you are having fun working out!


       For many years, we have helped thousands of men and women to achieve their personal goals in an atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting. Classes are led by instructors who are dedicated to your individual progress. Tae Kwon Do makes an excellent workout! Each class includes a thorough stretching routine, bursts of cardio intense drills, plus body weight and core-focused strength exercises.

       Tae Kwon Do will empower you with protection skills by learning numerous blocking, striking, and kicking techniques as well as releases from a variety of grabs and holds. Over time, you will gain self-confidence and peace of mind from knowing how to defend yourself. Tae Kwon Do can improve your daily life by helping you to become calmer, more focused, and goal oriented in your personal and professional life. That is part of why we say martial arts isn't just a workout but a lifestyle.

The benefits of Teen& Adult martial arts classes at Chung's Martial Arts Academy:
•    Learning self-defense
•    Better health and wellness
•    Stress relief
•    Increased confidence
•    Fun form of exercise
•    Meeting friendly people
•    Being part of an encouraging atmosphere

       As martial arts is a great way to maintain and improve flexibility and overall physical fitness, our Teens & Adults classes are high endurance Tae Kwon Do classes specifically designed for older students. These classes cover a variety of techniques including self-defense and sparring, but they are also much more than that.

Kicking and Sparring

  • A variety of kicking combinations is used to focus on sharpness, speed, and accuracy of the techniques.

  • Tae Kwon Do sparring training helps to apply the kicking and blocking techniques in different situations.

  • Sparring exercises are used to increase speed and reaction time.

Hand Techniques and Forms

  • Practicing hand techniques helps students to apply their knowledge in a close distance self-defense situation.

  • Practicing forms emphasizes offensive and defensive hand skills, which are not emphasized in sparring.

  • Forms help improve overall physical balance.


  • Knowing your own physical ability, setting goals, and analyzing results is very important.

  • Body weight exercises are used to improve overall muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Conditioning exercises are used to strengthen and balance both sides of the body and improve coordination, agility, and speed.

    Come see our well balanced training method and give it a try today.

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