What do student learn at CTA?

Students learn the techniques and curriculum of Tae Kwon Do, both anaerobic and aerobic, including stretching.

Self-defense techniques (hosinsul)

Patterns, also called Forms (poomsae, teul, hyeong)

Sparring (also called gyeorugi or matseogi) which may include 7-, 3-, 2- and 1-step sparring, free-style                           sparring, arranged sparring, point sparring and other types

Relaxation and meditation exercises

Throwing and/or falling techniques (deonjiogi and tteoreojigi)

Breaking -(gyeokpa or weerok) using techniques to break boards for testing, training and martial arts                             demonstrations. Demonstrations often also incorporate bricks, tiles, blocks of ice or                                         other materials. Can be separated into three types:

Power breaking – using straightforward techniques to break as many boards as possible

Speed breaking – boards are held loosely by one edge, putting special focus on the speed required                              to perform the break

Special techniques – breaking fewer boards but using jumping or flying techniques to attain greater                                heights, distances, or to clear obstacles


*Exams to progress to the next rank

*A focus on mental and ethical discipline, justice, etiquette, respect and self-confidence.

Our Styles

The Way of the Kicking and Punching, is the traditional martial art of Korea. Grand Master Chung is a 9th degree black belt and ambassador of Taekwondo worldwide. Teaching since 1963 and in Florida for over 20 years Grand Master shares his knowledge earned thru decades of dedication. Traditional and Modern Olympic Taekwondo are our schools foundation. Both styles focus on high energy kicks and punches.

Mastering control of breath, perfect balance and combining speed and power equal the explosive results Taekwondo strikes are known for.

Hapkido is also introduced into our Taekwondo curriculum. Joint locks, throws and opponent manipulation to encompass a truly self defense

oriented art, ideal for those wanting to learn to protect themselves and

enjoy a fun workout and the same time.

Kumdo is another art taught at our academy. Haidong Kumdo

(sometimes spelled Haedong Gumdo or Haidong Gumdo) is a traditional Korean sword martial art with a history extending as far back as the ancient Goguryo Kingdom of Korea in AD 331.

The Kingdom of Silla was one of the three kingdoms in Korea and was

notable for the military prowess of its young warrior class, the Hwa Rang.

The five basic principles we use in Haedong Kumdo are derived from the principles of these elite warriors.Haedong Kumdo training programs are available for children and adults of all ages.

Imagine learning over 10 different styles of martial arts at the same time!

Our TMA curriculum combines Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu,

Taekwondo and Hapkido, Karate, Judo, Roman Greco Wrestling,

Kali stick fighting and even US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program techniques as the basis for training.Its MMA style Self Defense! And it’s for adults and teens hoping to advance their conditioning and fighting abilities rapidly.

Our TMA Masters implement reality based scenarios and only the most practical hand to hand techniques proven to be effective.

This is an intense class for everyone with the heart to test their limits and become a well balanced fighting machine!