Chung's TKD

Chung's Tae Kwon Do Total Martial Arts Academy was established in 1989 and continues to remain strong 27 years later.  Our key to success lies with our certified instructors and Masters.  Students are trained by only the best in our 10,000 square foot stand alone building.  We are dedicated to the art of Tae Kwon Do and that dedication is best found in Grand Master Chung, a ninth degree black belt, and the school's owner and founder.  He continues to teach classes to young and old alike.

Training with

purpose & principle

Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

to be polite & show respect


firmness or character & honesty


to persist in spite of any obstacles

Self Control

the ability to restrain one's impulses or expression of emotions


impossible to defeat

Correct attitudes

Right View

to focus on truth, goodness & correctness


to be willing to help & participate

Right Feeling

to believe in yourself

Right Thought

the act of thinking positive & have no intention of malice

Right Speech

do not use bad language


to be able to direct & prepare the way


to be able to defend oneself

Right Conduct

to be well behaved and set a good example

Chung's Tae Kwon Do Student Oath

I know what Tae Kwon Do represents, and I will listen and obey my parents, teachers, masters and instructors.

I will demonstrate my Tae Kwon Do discipline in the dojang, my school, and most importantly at home.

I will only use my Tae Kwon Do ability to defend myself, never in an aggressive manner.

I will respect myself, my family, my school, and my country.

I will always try my best in everything I do, including Tae Kwon Do and everything else.